I Witness

By KangaZu

Wild Wednesday ...

... wildlife collage.

I took almost 300 pictures today ... all from home or in the yard!  So it had to be another Wild Wednesday collage!

The weather was certainly a bit wild today as well.  We had sunshine in the morning followed by snow flurries in the afternoon.  And there might even have been a little bit of sleet thrown in with the snow flurries ... you can see some of the sleet/snow in the squirrel picture.  I thought this was Spring!  March is definitely going out like a lion!

As you can see by with collage the White-throated sparrows (upper left) and the Dark-eyed juncos (bottom right) are still here but will soon be making their way north to their breeding grounds.  Thankfully the Northern Cardinals (upper right) are here all year round.  As are the Eastern gray squirrels and Eastern chipmunks!  I love them all!

I've been checking on the 2022 Hummingbird migration map and I'm happy to say that they are on their way here!  Some have already been spotted in Virginia and New Jersey!  YAY! Can't wait for these lovely birds (and the Gray Catbirds) to arrive. 

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