I've had the day to myself since 10.30am as my husband has been out at his monthly all day games session. With no car, I spent the day in the garden and it's been lovely. The sun has been out for most of the day and I've got a lot done - weeding, a bit of pruning, some repotting and my plants from T&M arrived so I potted them up as well. 
Whilst I was ditching some spent compost into the compost bin I spotted a small moth(extra) perched on the side of the bin. I went in to get my camera and got a couple of head on shots, but I couldn't get one I liked before it flew away. Luckily, I managed to get a couple of shots of what I think is a beefly on the flowering currant, although I am far from certain. 

Edit: it seems that it is some sort of bee after all. 

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