I had to go into the office today to prepare for a software audit of sorts tomorrow. Not a bundle of fun on a Sunday. The forecast was for rain this morning so I just put my winter coat on as normal and headed for the train. I got a few yards down the road and realised it was actually warm. And also dry and quite sunny! I beat a retreat back to the house, changed into my cycling gear and rode into work instead. It felt so good to be able to wear shorts and feel the sun on my arms and legs. The only downside was the very strong southerly wind which made for a hard ride.

It's not been an easy day and on the way home I took a short detour and came across this tree. It functions as a perfect arboreal metaphor for what's happening in my head at the moment. My left brain feels broken. Logical thinking and working with detail, the things I was once very good at, are proving difficult. On the other hand, my right brain is flourishing. It's almost as if the left has been holding it back over the years and it now has space to breathe. My intuition and a feeling for things has never felt keener. Trouble is that it's my left brain that I need to earn a living in this world!

PS Had a great night out with Blip Bear last night. Mr.John quite enjoyed himself too. I hope the USA is ready for him!

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