By Veronica

Welcome home

Day two of our journey ... it all went smoothly and we came off the autoroute at Lézignan just before 5 pm. I wanted to pop to the frozen food shop to buy poor Mystère some fish ... he was the epitome of queasy resignation by now, too tired even to complain. 

As usual, I forgot it was Monday, and the frozen food shop (whose main claim to fame is making ice cream for Michelin-starred restaurants) was closed. But S spotted an intriguing sign -- and OMG, Picard has opened a branch in Lézignan! I was thrilled! For the non-French among us, Picard is the holy grail of frozen food. Good enough to serve to guests and pretend you made it (not that I ever do that). S was considerably less enthused, so he stayed in the car, giving me free rein to buy little apero nibbles, frozen mini croissants (better than any you can buy in bakeries round here), and some Indian ready meals to save hassle this evening. The woman at the checkout must have spotted my enthusiasm, because without prompting she set up a loyalty card for me.

At home, it was chilly, but there were no nasty surprises. We had a cup of tea, got the fire going, and opened the post. Two treats in store! Earthdreamer's lovely book, ordered from the publishers, and some beautiful handmade stitch markers I bought on Etsy. Now I can stop using safety pins that keep getting tangled in the wool. And when not in use, they double as a bracelet.

We're all exhausted, so car unloaded, some unpacking done, curry eaten, wine drunk, we're zonked out by the fire.

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