Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


This is the only photo I took today so its all I've got to blip. Lily looks very focussed and ready to pounce.  Converted my photo to Mono as I thought it might fit the Mono Challenge - the theme is " unusual angle or position " .  Thanks to Carolina for hosting.

Today has been a busy day.  I have cleaned, tidied, hoovered and sorted a bedroom out in readiness for Becky, Mike and Astrids arrival.  They got here around 4pm.  Great to see them -  the last time they were here was at New Year.  Astrid is 8 months old now and shes very cute.  She can sit up well and is trying to crawl.  She loves musical toys.  Fortunately Grandma had bought her some musical toys.  In exchange Grandma received lots of smiles and cuddles.

We were going to have fish and chips for our tea but the ( best ) local chippy doesn't open on Mondays.  So Becky, me and Astrid had a wander to the Co-op to buy some ingredients so Mike could cook tea.  He made spaghetti carbonara.  For pud we had strawberry cheesecake ( not made by Mike - made by the Co-op ).

After tea we just chatted and played with Astrid.  After my visitors had gone up to bed I did all the washing up and sorted out a load of washing that Becky had put on. .  Its after 2am now and I will be heading upstairs myself soon.  No time for comments but I will try and catch up when I can.

Neil and Rachael are enjoying their break.  Chilling around the pool and generally having a relaxing time so far.

Steps today 13,955

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