I have often thought about posting a picture of this figure and decided against it. Today, the time is right.

It is a small momento of my mum, and it was one the many  simple possessions that meant a lot to her. It keeps me connected, to her memory. 

She was a peaceful woman. 

Yesterday was a low point for me. I let my guard down. Like my mum I see myself as a peaceful person. Not a coward, but someone who prefers to mediate rather than fight, in the event of a conflict. 

Sometimes emotions run high and tempers flare. I allowed the anger to come to the surface and it is not a nice feeling. Anger, such a toxic and unproductive emotion

But sometimes provocation gets the better of you. 

My blip yesterday was an empty gesture born out of anger. I am sorry. 

I think of my mum, and I know she would be upset and disapprove. So today, I am peaceful and in control. 

It's a much better place to be. 

God bless you mum, still keeping me on the straight and narrow.... 

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