Teddy's jacket

I have finished the jacket and hoping that it will fit my granddaughter's teddy as requested. I will make sure the buttons don't come undone by themselves, another request! I'm now knitting the hat which is also a 'crossed fingers' job that it will fit!
I had a lovely afternoon at our matting group. I have finally finished sorting and organising the materials we use. Over the years they have just been thrown into black bags and the back of a cupboard with no organisation and non one really knowing what was in there. They are now colour sorted into cut, ready to use, and waiting to be cut when we need a particular colour way. It's been a good job for me to do until my thumb is repaired as I can't use scissors to cut or a prodded at the moment. I have rung the GP surgery to get and appointment as it seems I will need to have the cortisone injection to get the use back. Apparently I will be put on the list!
More bad news with mum's shower! The chap that came to fit the new one yesterday, which was hopefully to fix the problem that has been ongoing for 11 months now, said there was absolutely no point in fitting it as the water pressure is far too low! I'm not sure where we go from here. I have emailed mum's key worker and asked what will happen now as this problem is really upsetting mum now and needs sorting. Hopefully she will reply to me but I'm not sure what can be done as it is council run. It's frustrating that the building is only three years old and it appears this has been a problem from the start. This is not going to be a quick fix but needs to be!

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