By dunkyc

Two playgrounds and an ice cream

Jerry died today.

He was a colleague of mine and though I’ve never seen him much (he lived and worked in Norwich), we spoke every now and then to talk through cases and clients and it was always an enjoyable conversation. It would usually feature some talk about his team; Spurs, and how he was quietly resisting any efforts at change in the business and continuing to do his own thing, which I really admired - particularly as it worked so well for him! 

He was a very nice man who loved the work and his clients, working pretty much right up until the end, he was very well thought of in our team. Despite the fact that he had been ill, his death was still a shock to us all as he had seemed to be in good spirits and on the mend. He will be missed and I shed a few tears this morning with more stinging my eyes whenever I thought about him on what has been a beautiful day.

Despite their incessant bickering, I was grateful for the presence of the wee ones and after a busy one yesterday, we kept things local only getting in the car for some specialist paint stuff. The rest of the day we spent outside getting some shopping and they played with some friends at the playground by the river before having lunch and going to the playground by the castle where m’boy could let his remote-control car run riot over the neighbouring cycle track.

With them both being occupied, I had a couple of minutes to lie down, close my eyes and enjoy the warmth of the sun upon my head, before quickly having to put my hat back on when it went behind a cloud.

We got some ice creams from the local shop (avec flake) and spent the rest of our afternoon together wandering over the castle before getting home in time for them to be collected by their mother just after a flash hail storm.

I was meant to be going out in the evening, but being in a reflective mood and craving a mind-numbing task, I made my apologies and did some general tidying and sweeping up at Project House in preparation for some door oiling action tomorrow. 

I know, kinky devil, aren’t I?  

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