By Marionb

In the Dying of the Light....

...No blip in sight! 

Thankfully, I still have a bouquet of blips to turn to in time of need! Long may those flowers thrive...

It had been a rather uneventful day. My daughter and SIL left to go home early this morning. It had been such a treat having them here, that the house seemed way too quiet and empty after that! 

Maggie went about reclaiming all "her" comfortable chairs and sleeping perches, trying each one out to be sure they were still "hers", and then settled on a snooze on the rug by the fire. Meanwhile, I returned to my computer to complete that Tuscany photo book. There were a few frustrating glitches of photos accidentally being deleted and having to be retrieved, but in the end I got it edited and sent off for printing. It felt good to actually finish something!

After that it was nap time....I really needed to catch up on some sleep..and that took longer than I had thought..The sun was setting when I awoke! And so began the shooting of the pink flower for today's blip. What else could I do? It had to be a flower. Too late for anything else.  

I was still trying for a flower photo when those last dying rays broke through the clouds and lit up a vase of hydrangeas by the patio door...Ooohh, I liked that.. snap snap..and then...a rabbit on the lawn!  Good heavens..another blip-op! 

I have two bunnies that often take shelter under the shrubbery along my front window...and there was one of them, heading in there for the night! My pocket camera with zoom happened to be handy, not yet put away from yesterday's beach walk;  so, out the door and snap snap snap... 

...and that's how three blips materialized at the end of a blip-less day! I liked them all..but the pink one had the most pizzazz - a badly needed jolt of vibrant colour, so it took the glory spot. 

One should always have a bouquet of flowers in the house....


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