By Marionb

Lens in Lockdown

Only Day 3 of our latest COVID lockdown and I am running out of ideas for blips. The Covid situation in our area is not good so it is really important to take this lockdown seriously, stay home and avoid contacts with people as much as possible. I have lots to keep me amused in my home and busy in my yard for the next month, but the challenge is getting a blip every day! That challenge makes me think back to the days when Freeman Patterson, a nature photographer from the maritimes was one of my heroes. His focus was on "seeing" and my friends and I used to challenge ourselves to "see" photo-ops in the most mundane of settings. We ended up with a lot of cobwebs on grasses etc, but it was a good lesson....which I have obviously forgotten, but now must draw upon again to come up with ideas for blips. There is nothing original about today's photos, but at least I got some! The sun rose, as usual, over our street, the red red robin came bob-bob-bobbin' along at just the right moment, and there was much interest being shown in the only available real estate in the back yard.  Tomorrow? Who knows? 

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