I got lost.

Temporarily, Temporally and "Internetally".  
All of a suddenly-like I went offline.  A swift "dash down the lobby" (Hall to you posh folk, and Furriners).  This revealed an evil red glow in the eye of the Router.  I tried the time-honoured "Off-and-on-again".  NO JOY!
A call resulted in an appointment with "The Man" who, apparently, isn't expected to work weekends - OR - had a full Calendar.
In consequence a slot was booked either a.m. or p.m. Tue or Wed.

As good luck would have it, I ended up with a Tue a.m slot = 08:00-12:00 which it wasn't, he rolled up at about 12:20. All they way from Why-AYE-Hinny Land.  Nice lad too.

Did you know there were two numbers involved?  
It seems there's a "number" for the Router, which differs from the phone number.  As near as layman's terminology will do.  He tested, and declared both, hale and hearty - tested the Router and didn't!  
"If you phone before 13:00 you'll get next day delivery, give me time to post my report, I'll give you a TOOT; give it 5-10 mins for it to get through, then phone them."

I did, at about 12:45-12:50.  At 13: 25 they answered.  However, the nice lass at the other end said she'd try to get next day delivery - She MANAGED.

While I was offline I shot the daily Blip - BUT - by the time I got back online today, I'd lost track of what I'd shot when - SO - there'll be a repeat of a similar shot in a few days time.  This doesn't really give a true pictured of the degree of Rain-Shadow this area is subject to.  If it wasn't for the temperatures I could grow Cacti in this area it's that arid.

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