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By Diane2104

Linnet #45

Today we had a lovely day out on The Wirral. Starting at Leasowe Lighthouse we went in search of new birds for the annual list with the spring warblers being the main draw. There was plenty of noise when we arrived, with robins, greenfinches, chiffchaffs and dunnocks all in full song. The first new bird we saw and heard, was a sedge warbler, hopping around the reeds at the pool screen. I wasn't happy with my shots of him and will probably see many more throughout the summer. Then we came upon a few Linnets feeding in amongst the daisies on one of the paddocks - again poor shots. I wasn't doing well today. After about an hour we came upon a couple who told us where they had seen a Ring Ouzel, so we hot-footed it to the bridge and sure enough, there it was - miles away, but unmistakeably a male Ring Ouzel - doubly happy as I've never seen one before! There is a shot in extras which proves we saw one, but cannot even be called a record shot as it's so fuzzy but I wanted it in my journal. 
We stopped at a small café for a quick drink and then continued our circuit back towards the lighthouse where we were parked - some more linnets were seen along with a pair of stonechats and blackcaps. 
Then we headed to Parkgate for a late lunch at The Boathouse - very nice. After seeing virtually nothing at Parkgate, we dropped in at Burton Marsh on the way home to see if we could find the so far elusive Wheatear. Within 20 seconds of us going through the gate onto the path my husband said "what does a Wheatear look like?" He'd not only found one sitting on a log but it was a lovely male. Unfortunately the three shots I took were not in focus. I was having a nightmare day with the camera. We walked up towards where the little owls are supposed to be, but we never saw them. On the way back we not only heard, but saw a Cetti's warbler which you can see in extras. My final extra is one of the cute little lambs that were at Burton Point. There were so many of them and they were gamboling all over the field, sitting in the straw at the bottom of the muck pile, climbing all over the rocks and generally being super super cute. 
A thoroughly enjoyable day in nice warm weather with no wind at all but now I am shattered. I've not walked this far in ages! 

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