An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Snapchat tradition...


Whenever Anna and Faith visit, we have some fun with snapchat filters.  Today was that day for this visit.  We were literally falling about some of the shots.  Some of the poses they were making were hilarious! 

As predicted their visit to see their friends in Glasgow was cancelled due to their wee boy still being in hospital after getting his finger caught in a door. Instead they headed to our local park after lunch and had a lovely time there.  The sun even came out for a little while :-)

David was playing golf so he headed off just before 10am.  L headed out for a (20 mile!) run.  S and I and the girls relaxed, chatted and drank tea.  Made lunch when L got back from his run then we chilled in the garden room.

David returned from golf and went for a swim with Alan.  

After dinner the girls put on their Encanto dresses and treated us to a sing along from the film.  They finished off with some Gaelic songs.  Great fun :D 

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