Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Patient Mrs Swan

I had heard that the swans at Blackford Pond hadn't built their nest on the island this spring so I went to have a look. They have created a huge pile of reeds - I wish I'd seen them doing that. It's near the edge of the pond but there is some water between. I do hope it will be safe for them - there are a lot of dogs off the lead around there and the cygnets will also be vulnerable to attacks from the air. But I can see why the swans didn't build their nest on the island - the water level is very high and it wouldn't take much for any nest to be flooded. I have to say that it's much easier to see the nest where it is now - it was getting increasingly difficult to see what was happening on the island because the vegetation had grown up so much. I'm glad the swans were able to decide to do something different this year and build a completely different type of nest with no instructions - I never cease to be amazed by birds. There are apparently seven eggs (or possibly more) according to Facebook. Mrs Swan was just changing her position when I arrived, and I could see a couple of eggs, but others have seen the nest when she hasn't been there. It was a warm day and the sun came out shortly before I came home. 

Happy Easter everyone!

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