A Day In The Life

By Irish59


No, this isn’t a Rorschach Test, but it does look similar to an inkblot image. It’s actually two ravens. I was about to take a photo of a raven perched on the tip of a dead vertical branch across the street. Just as I squeezed the shutter everything went black! Another raven had flown in from behind and underneath. The chase was on! I couldn’t tell who was who but one stayed tight on the other’s tail for a good five minutes before backing off. Territorial? Mating? • A beautiful sunny day but still cool enough for a jacket and hat. More rain tonight and tomorrow, maybe even an inch of snow. I refuse to care because the next several days after are sunny and dry! Woohoo! • I saw two firsts today: a Northern Flicker, and a dandelion flower. Surely bees are next? • I’m sharing a request of mambo’s to follow and show support for a young blipper from Ukraine: Max_Blazer • Peace & Love

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