By Orc2009

Snowy Owl

Much cropped. This is on the island of Eday and was found a couple of days ago. It may be the same bird that has visited several times before and which I photographed on January 23rd 2017. It sits about a field width from a quiet road, often on the ground beyond wire fences,  but approach is impossible without disturbing it. it did go up a few times, for no reason or because eg oystercatchers were mobbing it. Watching through binoculars I saw a short-eared owl pass behind it. I cycled around looking for spring migrants and found 10 wheatear, 2 fieldfare, 6 redwing (the latter moving further north to breeding grounds beyond the Northern Isles, though at least one redwing has been singing locally), pairs of shelduck etc. On the way to the ferry I stopped at a beach and watched an otter catching eels with seeming ease. (extra) . Trust me, you don't get snowy owls and otters every day even here.

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