Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

One Man Went To Mow

The Mono Monday challenge today is " Alone ".  As I passed the cricket club on my way to the village I could see that someone was mowing the grass.  I recognised the chap as " Razor " - someone Neil used to play cricket with.  When I came back from the shops the mower was alone on the pitch.  So its been chosen for my blip today.  Thanks to Carolina for hosting.

The weather today was not as nice as it was yesterday.  We had rain overnight and first thing.  After that it was dull and cool.  But at least we had no more rain. 

The village was very quiet while I was there - I guess folk were doing other things with it being a holiday Monday.

Apart from my shopping trip I haven't done much else today.  Neil is back at work so no chance to meet up with him since he got back from his trip to the USA.  Hopefully I will see him before too long.

Steps today - 6,153

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