By Teasel

River Tyne

TT was back in the garden getting rid of the hedge for most of today.  BB gave him a hand from time to time.   A few trips to the tip were required.  Meanwhile I was doing chores – they are never ending, even when you are technically on holiday. 
After lunch, I went for a quick walk round by the farm, then later in the afternoon I went for a river walk.  It was such a lovely day.  I had high hopes of spotting a kingfisher – but no luck. 
TT requested takeaway pizza for tea – but TT volunteered to cook a curry.  It was delicious – much enjoyed by TT and me, and then later by BB when he reappeared after playing football.  He didn’t notice it wasn’t pizza!  TT then headed off to church and I watched more Anatomy of a Scandal.
It was a lovely afternoon down by the river.  Thanks for identifying yesterday’s bird as a yellow hammer – I think I wanted it to be something more exotic!  Today’s bird is a heron (extra).

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