A day in the life

By Shelling


On my way home after listening to yet another concert, I stopped the car to take pictures of some horses grazing. Once I got closer to them, they came to me and looked like they were posing to have their portrait taken. Especially this one was most keen, I liked her(?) pose too.

It's still chilly and the weather is changing into a more cold and perhaps rainy period. I did spend some time in the garden though, looking for areas to develop. During a walk to some old ruins in a forest, I had found three different succulents growing on some rocks. I brought some of them home with me and  will try to imitate the rocky surrounding where they were growing, at a slope in my garden, Might be nice, if they survive the move.

The ruins in question was in an area (called a "Juta") close by, where the King had decided to grow oak trees for the navy to use for ship building in the 17-hundreds. Those were the days when planning was a bit more longsighted than it is today. In this particular area, or plantation, the trees didn't grow up to meet the standards for ship building and most of the trees were taken down towards the end of the 18hundreds. The extra blips shows the house where the inspector was living, a house remarkably large and well built for the time. Notice how they stacked lime stones on top of each other, like bricks, filling the gaps with moss, clay and straw.

A curiosity story from an oak plantation somewhere else in Sweden, where the trees were of higher quality, says that todays owners of the plantation wrote back to the  navy-department, who ordered the trees in the late 16-hundreds, saying that the oak-trees were now ready for delivery.

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