Red sky at night

Back to the DIY today. Completed the first coat of eggshell on the woodwork at the end of the hall and, later, managed to put the second coat on about half of it. Almost done…

I’d had enough by late afternoon, and suggested to MrM that we climb Humbleton Hill and come back along St Cuthbert’s Way. He pointed out that by doing the walk the other way round we’d have a better chance of seeing red squirrels, so that’s what we did.

We were later setting off than intended, dawdled through the Common looking for squirrels and did, indeed, spot two before heading up through the woods on to the Humbleton track. There MrM suggested a ‘shortcut’ to the top of Humbleton Hill, through the Clough rather than following St Cuthbert’s Way. It may have been slightly shorter in distance, but was much more difficult walking, and it was getting late by the time we reached the top, just in time to watch the sky turn red as the sun went down. It was glorious, though a tad nippy as there was a keen wind coming from the east. We opted for the quickest way down the hill on the short, steep track.

Home for a very late meal, and a warming wee dram before bed!

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