Capital adventures

By marchmont

Pass. out

Monday again. I can cycled to the pool and made the decision to change today's plans. In doing so I relied on the weather forecast which turned out to be wrong on two counts: it rained last night (because I watered the plants?), later it became warm(ish) and the sun returned. However I used the time productively to go to  Loanhead to view bathroom stuff. Bumped into A, the plumber. Bought food (eggs up by 29p for 10), petrol and weedkiller.. Later I did a few things in my garden and then had a Board pre meeting. 

After pizza it was back to the Traverse for the HND student show. It was very good. I wore one of my new FFP2 masks. Took a bit of getting used to. 

Straight to bed when I got home. All this going out is making me very tired. 

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