My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Oh my...tasty!

Arsenal 0 Everton 0
In a fit of enthusiasm -even knowing it was likely to be changed to a night game- I decided getting a ticket for this game was somehow a great idea.
As far as 0-0 games go though it was actually a really enjoyable game.
It was pretty even between the two teams and definitely competitive. The best chances game in the first half with Pienaar putting the ball over for us and Giroud putting it wide for Arsenal in similar situations. A point a piece was far from the best outcome for either team but much better than losing.

I went to the game with Harsh, an Arsenal fan, and as he left me to make my way over towards the away section I walked by this fake bus stop dugout outside the club shop. I just liked the way the bloke on the left seems to be eyeing up the kids' food while the Arsenal players look on threateningly.

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