By PicturePoems

Video Call

Video calls have become quite magical since our son-in-law set us up with a device so that we can talk via our respective TV screens. The camera even follows us if we move about the room. 

This afternoon, LMB wanted to show me her new swim-goggles. While we chatted, her mum took a few photos of our on-screen interaction. Here is little Miss B trying her new goggles on Granny C. Mrs B also took pics of me and LMB sharing a virtual cuddle onscreen. Oh, my heart! Can't wait to share a cuddle in the flesh when we visit again next week. 

It's been cloudy and chilly today, but dry. It sounds as if the rest of the week might see a bit more sun, and warmer air. Hope so! (I blame myself as I'd just dug my summer shorts out of winter storage - that's what made it go cold. Sorry, folks!)

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