Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Not many photos today, so I decided to go with the easy shot - a lovely male Northern Cardinal.  I would have preferred a slightly different head angle, but sometimes you take what you get.  

Got to see Dad this morning when we had a FT call - it was SO good to see both of them.  Yesterday was a long and difficult day for all of us, in different ways - needless to say, we are all glad to have that done and in the rear-view mirror!  Dad looked great, I might add.

Quick visit with my primary doc this afternoon - still just trying to make sure the weight loss I've had isn't symptomatic of anything other than a puppy.  He ordered some additional blood work but my guess is that it will show nothing.  He said if I continue to lose, he will do some more tests.  

Did some little things around the yard this afternoon while Jax watched from the safety of the deck.  Then he sat at the front door and "supervised" while hubs worked on getting a tree stump out of the ground.  See Extra for Jax in the classic Supervisory Sploot position.  

Also had some messages back and forth with Sefferdog and Hillyblips about our upcoming meet up in FL.  Can't wait!!

Dark with dried cherries today.


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