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Filling .........

 ............. the frame for FlowerFriday29_2022.

I suspect these are dyed but they are VERY cheerful to look at and make me happy.

Even more cheerful ........

FLOWERFRIDAY25_2022  (March)

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Many thanks to the 112 blippers who took part on the last Friday of March  -  looks like I may even be into April before May starts ..... maybe!!!

Smile for the Day:

A cheerful and chatty young nobleman knocks on a witch's door and tells her that he's always wanted to become a bear and that he will reward her handsomely if she transforms him. 
She accepts, and starts gathering the components for her spell. 

The nobleman follows her around the whole time, explaining how he had read about magic in college, pointing out the witch's mistakes and saying that he thought that theoretical knowledge was sufficient, since he could pay others to do the dirty work anyway.

Once all her ingredients gathered, she sat the young nobleman on a chair, closed her eyes and concentrated, while performing complex gestures.

Watching her intensely, the young man commented that she should really see a plastic surgeon about her huge, hooked nose and also dermatologist about the massive wart on her chin and that he would be happy to recommend a couple of consultants one of whom had, in fact, cured his aunt's toe wart a few years back - but they might be a bit too expensive for a witch, so never mind.

The witch suddenly opened her eyes, threw her hands up and yelled " I give up!!!  I give up!!! "

" But why? " asked the young nobleman, " I really, really wanted to be turned into a bear... and I have more money than I know what to do with "

" I just can't! " said the witch, " You're unbearable! "


~ Anni ~

This is Friday uploaded on Saturday (and I still have Tue/Wed/Thu to upload!)

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