Capital adventures

By marchmont

A day late

Spent some time puddling around in the garden this  morning, cut the grass.  I sent some emails, announcing my decision and advertising the College Glow creative arts festival. some phone calls, to a travel agent and Y1 in Glasgow. E, the reserve cat feeder came round at lunchtime to meet Y2.  The sun returned in the afternoon and it was warm, out of the wind. 

I had a walk to the PO, very long wait, and then to the graveyard (see extra).  I'm not sure I'll get to see the Meadows cherry blossom but we also have a lovely example up here on the hill.  I was a day late to plant some primroses on my dad's cousins grave.  He died in the war (in a hospital down south) but did not die due to the war.   

Back home to dozing in the sun in the garden, listening to the birds.  It's a couple of years since we started Zooming in pandemic Y1 but now we don't need to.  C did message to say they are cleared to return to Canada and are booked for the 7th.  Maybe the zooming will return then. 

I returned indoors once the sun disappeared about the clouds.  I'm still suffering from yesterday's exertions, screaming glutes. Watched some tv, including the first part of quite a challenging Netflix series but I ended with HIGNFY.

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