Capital adventures

By marchmont


According to the fount of knowledge (Wikipedia), bridal wreath flowers mid spring, around 5 May, next Wednesday.

The good news, in the middle of the night, was Olivia is negative so the nightmare scenario of her having to go to hospital on her own will not have to be faced.

Another one of 'those days'. Swam. I wasn't going to buy was glad I did as by the end I was almost on my own in the lane. Plenty of space to do backstroke.

Home for a very quick shower and breakfast before logging in for a meeting. I want sure if the 3rd person was attending, but she did and behaved atrociously. She totally disrespected G, who to be fair didn't help herself by going off at a tangent at the start. But her rudeness was epic. 'I've allocated 30 minutes to this meeting', a eating that had been scheduled for 45. The difficulty with Zoom meetings is that they are a much easier to leave, you just hit leave, which she did. Doubt she'd have got up and walked out of a room.

5 minute break then on to another meeting, about Salesforce, which wasn't that great. Presenting on Zoom is an art that wasn't much in evidence.

Grabbed some food then spent a couple of hours tidying up the Board papers and trying to sort another CMS problem 'back at the ranch'. We'd have been better getting our own team to do the data entry. They would have done it quicker but there would have been a cost.

Then in was a switch of laptops and on to the 3rd Zoom of the day, a welcome and uplifting networking session It was good to see fellow blipper L, even if her WiFi was dodgy.

Swapped programmes for a Teams meeting with M and N. I'd realised while in the pool we could fit it in today rather than shoe horn into tomorrow. That was followed by the weekly phone call to A. There's been an agreement so the strikes are off, which is a relief to all, not that they should ever have been called in the first place.

I'd thought of going to Fort Kinnaird but decided to finish and send off the Board papers. Realised that B's rudeness this morning meant if forgotten to ask her a critical question. Sigh, now I've had to email her and I know she won't respond.

Could of non answered calls to yesterday's successful candidate and then I succumbed and drove (I was tired, it was really cold outside) to Margiotta for treats after tea.

Managed to stay awake long enough to watch the best set of Leaders' interviews this campaign, the Chief does Democracy.

Then I fell into bed.

F2F - 3
Phone calls - 2
Virtual - 4

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