Capital adventures

By marchmont


It rained this morning so I drive to the pool. Once in it's great, so glad I got out of bed.

Then home for a meeting with '#1' son. The not so good news is that Olivia has had to have a Covid test. The girl sitting next to her at school has tested positive. A photo of her at the drive through centre followed. Info on quarantining is not clear.

Then I rushed around, printing docs, posting docs, printing more docs, trying to find the info for this afternoon's meeting and grabbing some lunch. The interviews this afternoon continued the theme of ' everything that can go wrong will go wrong' but we got to the end.

Next I made some restaurant bookings for May and June and then I went a chilly walk.

It was good to get out. I went round Mortonhall. The rhoddies aren't out but the bluebells are.

Home for something to eat then choir. And now breathe, been a busy day.

Something has been munching the felt in my outside planter. A squirrel?

F2F - 4
Phone calls - 4
Virtual - 3

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