Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Solace Day 15 - A Dreadful End

Who would have thought a beautiful holiday could end like this?

Our best friend, The Mate, my business partner died in his sleep on the boat this morning. We were due to be off the boat and I was worried that by 7.30 am he should have been up and getting his breakfast and packing done. I went and tapped on his cabin door, then I banged on the door, then I went in and sadly was unable to rouse him, we called the ambulance and I did as instructed but I knew it was too late. I could see the signs.

Such a long time giving details to paramedics and then police and funeral parlour staff. When they took our dear Mate away we still had to pack up all our things and his so that another family could start their holiday this afternoon.

We are consoled that he passed away without any distress to himself, I could tell from his position that he hadn't tried to get up feeling ill.

I'll be back-blipping the last few days of the lovely time we had been having. Some of you have met Richard at our studio and some will remember Chippy blipping.

The Mate was really pleased with these candles his son has started making in his new business, Atlantic Lights on Lewis. It seemed right to use one for my blip.

RIP Richard.

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