Another .............

 ............... of the 15 from next door  -  they seem to have a liking for black and white cats - this one is just coming out of kittenhood.

It's taken up residence in the front, side bit of garden  .......... very close to where this one likes to lounge.   I am fed up with cat-scat!!!!!!

Smile for the Day:

A drunk is refused his next drink in a bar, so he undertakes to prove to the barman that he is sober.

He gestures towards a cat near the doorway and says, " You see that cat coming in the door, waving its tail?  It has two eyes. If I were drunk, I'd see four! "

The bartender looks, then pauses a moment. 

Finally he responds, " You're drunker than I thought ...... "  still holding on to the man's next drink  " .......  that cat isn't coming in, it's going out! "

(Think about it!!!)


~ Anni ~

This is Wednesday uploaded on Sunday - along with Tuesday's blip .....

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