An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Good times...


David's Gleneagles golf day dawned at last!

This golf day for D and seven golf buddies was originally supposed to take place in April 2020, but thanks to the Covid pandemic, it's just happening now.  

Those golf widows who were able to make it (Ele, Mairi, Gail and Natalie) came to ours for coffee and scones and a good old chin wag.  Gail and Alan head to the Outer Hebrides a couple of weeks after we get back (they're travelling in an 8m camper van.  Good luck with that!  lol) so we were comparing notes on must sees and eateries.  Mairi's family are from Lewis and she has spent many holidays on Harris and Lewis so her input was very welcome.  

The clock chimed Happy Hour so we swapped coffee for gin (Harris of course ;-) 

The guys returned at 7.30pm.  Time for a shower and a drink before we headed to our local golf club for dinner.  Our first time eating in the dining room since a new chef took over and we weren't disappointed.  The food was absolutely delicious and very reasonably priced.

I tried to get a photo of everyone and almost fell off my seat getting this!

The golf club was busy, which was great to see and there was a good atmosphere.  It also meant there was some noise, which was also good otherwise our table might have seemed a tad rowdy!  It's impossible to enjoy yourself quietly! :-)))

Fab night.  I suspect this might become an annual event.

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