Craig's Journal

By CraigD

Grey Heron

I managed 2 trips to the loch although the 2nd visit was a good bit later. In the morning the young one was on the dovecote and flew over to the entrance. The grass had been cut and she was having difficulty finding a spot where she wasn't picking up a pile of grass cuttings. She eventually led me to a spot where there was a gap between a large bush and the fence which was too narrow for the grass cutter to go between. She then ate the rest of her food and flew back to the nest. There was no crow.
It was 4pm when we got home but I went up with some whitebait just in case. The crow spotted me very quickly and got a couple of dog biscuits. I reached the loch and the young one flew over. I started feeding her and the crow landed so I gave it some as well. There was a mother and two girls who asked a lot of questions which I tried to answer as I fed her. They moved on and three teenagers stopped and asked some questions as well. They had spotted the nest (where I thought it was based on where she flies) they were going to try and photograph it. The young one had enough and flew off to the nest. The crow came back followed by another crow, so they got the last 2 bits of whitebait. 

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