By ArcLight

A real emergency

I came as close as I've ever come to not getting a blip today. I only remembered when I was on the bus coming back from town at 10.30pm, so this has to do.... It's worth saying that it is a great deal more efficient to use the buses at that time than it is during the day.

After an early morning peloton, I headed in (also by bus, but much more slowly), and had various in person and online things until it was time for S's lecture/seminar paper. As a relic of recent past, it was not held in a seminar room, where the numbers in the audience would look respectable, but in a rather large lecture theatre. None the less, it was an interesting paper, followed by a reception and then dinner at Hotel du Vin (in a restricted pre-chosen menu, which seemed fine). I was lucky enough to coincide coming out of the restaurant with picking up the bus just along George IV bridge.

Still tired, though. I've not managed to catch up with myself after the weekend.

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