The second half of life..

By twigs


J, M and I had arranged to go on a bike ride today so,  with retired ladies hours in mind, we met at 10.30 and had the most wonderful ride to Brightwater.   The weather recently has been amazing and today was no different...... wall to wall sunshine,  v-e-r-y mild temperatures with no hint whatsoever of early season frosts, no wind at all and,  when added to a beautiful ride across the Waimea Plains (taking in a new river section I hadn't done before) all was fabulous.   J & I headed back towards home (after the obligatory refreshment stop at a Brightwater cafe) and,  at my suggestion,  we diverted to thre Saxton Road sports area where I knew the ride would rake us through the beautiful autumn trees I blipped a couple of days ago.   It was at this point where I allowed my eyes to wander, and instead of watching the road ahead,  I turned to admire the still glorious colours.   BOOM!  I turned forward just in time to see my front wheel catch J's rear wheel which immediately sent me wobbling furiously until I hit the ground.......Ouch :(

Once I was helped up onto my feet and 'tested' a few body bits I thought I may have got away with just a few scrapes and bruises.   I rode the rest of the way home gingerly but felt ok (I thought my dented pride may have been the worst injury!) but as the afternoon wore on it became apparent that a few body bits really were hurt.   Taking myself off to the hospital for some 'quick xrays' seemed like a sensible precaution though, as it turned out, there was nothing quick about it!   I arrived home some 4.5 hours later (*huge* thanks to J & A for feeding Minnie and ferrying both me and my car) with left wrist in a temporary cast (possible scaphoid fracture), right shoulder still very sore but apparently no damage that required special treatment and a huge and very sore bruise on my left inner thigh.  Fair to say I won't be doing very much or going very far for the next few weeks.   Bugger indeed!

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