By JohnW

Silly Digi

This is not the way this Silly Saturday was supposed to pan out.  Let me tell you a story.
About three or four weeks ago I was scratching my head for subjects for this month’s local Photo Group meet theme of ‘Transport’,  and I spotted Mrs W’s Lego Lunar Lander.  So I had the shot all planned including the lighting and background, and it was to be a blip this week ready for Wednesday next week.
On Tuesday someone, no names mentioned, blipped the exact same shot that I had planned!  Hugh!  Well using a quilt for the ground had not crossed my mind, just a white sheet, but I decided to nick that idea and do my shot for Silly Saturday.  A good silly in my mind.
So what do I find second thing this morning - the very same person had only put lights on his Lunar Lander and completely stole my thunder!!  Not to be deterred I stole a lunar-scape background ready to put a brave face in things and do a Lunar Lander shot anyway.
Then Amazon turned up with Mrs W’s digiscoping adapter mentioned yesterday, and hereby lies another story, or perhaps part two of the same story.
We set things up with the Mighty Midget, and although the final images were quite acceptable it was very difficult to set up as the adapter fits on the focusing eyepiece.  In the end I had to give in and a new spotting scope is on the way.  Fortunately the better scopes are to heavy, so a lighter (cheaper) scope had to be settled for.
So no Lunar Lander shot but one of the offending digiscope adapter in use, and at extras a collage of a couple of shots that I took with my telephone.
I’m sure Admirer would have enjoyed this saga, and as it’s the First Saturday of the Month I dedicate this to the lady, and many thanks to DavidC for hosting SilS.

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