Dolly's Day

By dollydoug

The Queens Croquet Ground

Chapter Eight  - The Queens Croquet Ground .......  " Alice is invited (or some might say ordered) to play a game of croquet with the Queen and the rest of her subjects but the game quickly descends into chaos. Live flamingos are used as mallets and hedgehogs as balls"

The Mono Monday theme today is Alice in Wonderland .  Ive chosen the above chapter of the book Alices Adventures in Wonderland to use as inspiration.  Mainly because I had a flamingo handy - a metal garden ornament.( His name is Fabio ). The hedgehog is not really a success as I didn't have anything suitable so I had to print a picture of a hedgehog and use that.  But the idea is there.  Thanks to FrankS for hosting.

I was on puppy sitting duties today so I followed my usual routine and arrived at Neils house around 2pm.  Luna was pleased to see me.... and my bag of treats.  We had fun playing - indoors and out. ( Photo in Extras. ) She spotted her favourite toy pegged out on the washing line and started barking because she wanted it.  Unfortunately it was still wet so it had to stay on the line. I stayed with her for 2 hours.  Came home via Tesco in the village.

Weather today was warm but very dull with no sunshine at all.

Steps today - 10,674

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