A day in the life

By Shelling


Domestic day. I didn't sleep too well last night, waking up feeling stressed, like I had forgotten something. I think it comes down to having two concerts quite close to each other and the last one isn't planned in any detail at all. Hint was taken so I spent the morning going through a number of possible songs for the second concert. At least I have a starting point when Eva and me meet on Thursday to do the planning before she goes away for a fortnight.

I actually dreamt how to solve an arranging problem with one of The Beatles tunes. Testing the solution I found it worked fine and made it easier to play. The subconscious is never asleep.

A friend visited for coffee, nice to have people popping in on their way somewhere.

I was also visited by wildlife in the shape of the dove-couple, nesting in the birch nearby, and the pheasant-couple that comes here to feed in the afternoons. There was a dirty window in between the camera and the birds but you get a hint of my neighbours. My landlord has been transporting his cows to their summer grazing for a couple of days, there are only a few cows and their calves left now. Soon they will all be away for the summer, leaving me here until september without company.

Netflix evening tonight, I'm watching a documentary murder story from South West Cork, as I'm having a fire because of some rain and chilly weather passing. Nice to be safe, warm and cosy indoor with a small whiskey close at hand.   

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