By Teasel


I eased myself into the day by reading a few chapters of my book, then got the washing machine going, made sure BB was awake and headed out for a run.  It was a really lovely morning, perfect for a run.  I had decided to go on a longer route today (eight miles) and having run out along the road out of town, I had the choice of two routes.  I decided to turn right to take a route that would eventually bring me back along the railway path.  That was the wrong choice.  I was enjoying running along a quiet country road, which I haven’t run along for a very long time.  I was admiring the chestnut trees in full bloom, and horses in a field when a bird swooped across the top of my head – very close and at speed – I heard the swoosh.  I got quite a fright and thought it must have been a stupid pigeon or maybe a seagull.  Although I didn’t see it, it felt like a big bird.  Before I had time to think about it, the same thing happened again, and then again – which totally freaked me out and I screamed.  The bird – a buzzard – landed in a tree.  I just kept running as I had no idea what else to do and I still had about four miles to go and there was nowhere to go/hide.  My screams must have startled it enough that it didn’t come after me again.  My heart was racing and the adrenaline kept me going.  I was never so glad to get home.  I have read about buzzards attacking runners and cyclists - there are lots of reports online of this happening.  I guess it must have been protecting its nest.  I most certainly will not be running along that road anytime soon.
The rest of the day was much less stressful.  BB was playing football in Balerno.  We threw him out and went for a walk, visiting Malleny garden, then walked along a country road to Currie and back along the Water of Leith to watch the football.  It was a lovely peaceful walk.  No buzzards in sight.
Once home I made two curries for tea, which turned out much better than I expected them to.  Both went down very well.  Later I watched some more of Life After Life.
These lovely ferns were in Malleny garden.  The delicate berberis and the bluebells were also at Malleny. We walked past a house covered in beautiful wisteria.

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