workin at the car wash, yeah

I will highly suggest that you listen here . . . "work, work, work my fingers to the bone . . . fill up and you don't have to pay -sing it with feelin', yeah!"

I had never photographed my car going through the car wash, so I decided to give it a try - a challenge for myself! I had fun playing with the photo in PicMonkey to see if I could enhance it. I love all the water pouring down from above and the shine on the car. Large view here. I lOvE my Subaru and try to keep it up and wash it probably once a month.

I just uploaded a magnolia I back blipped, you can find it here.

Tomorrow, or the next time I blip, will be my 730th entry here. It's so very amazing!! Of course since I have not blipped every single day since I started (December 4th, 2010) my 2nd year blip birthday a bit later than what is probably typical. But I think I have finally accepted that this is okay - it works for me! My greatest surprise (it truly was) was an email from Blipfoto Limited congratulating me on my upcoming 730 Blip birthday and asking if I would be happy for them to put together a story of my experience of using Blipfoto and taking 730 pictures? WOW! I was so surprised. Of course I said yes and have already penned my answers to their questions and emailed them off this morning. Ill let you know if the material is used -very exciting! :D

Don't be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated.
You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.
~ David Lloyd George

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