Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


After a telephone appointment at home I went into Cambridge to have my yearly eye test. One eye has changed a little, but I did not need to have new spectacles. However, I wanted another pair without reactors otherwise I will look as though I have sunglasses on in all the wedding pictures. I could not decide which frames to have so in the end bought both pairs as a second pair costs very little more on their buy one get one half price, which includes frames, lens etc..

I had a gluten free scone with jam and cream in John Lewis, although I almost gave up and went elsewhere. There is always a queue, but today they were only serving from one side. Other people were getting fed up too and some left, unfortunately, they were behind me so did not shorten my wait.

Today’s picture, taken in SpecSavers with my iPhone is of the new frames.

The temperature today at noon today was fourteen degrees Celsius.  

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