By ArcLight

New curtains

I should have said something in my blip yesterday about our new curtains arriving (finally). JL made a mess of our order, so rather than them being fitted in March, as expected, we’ve had to wait until May. I’m a bit annoyed about it, but they are so lovely that I cannot get too worked up. Definitely worth the investment. 

We couldn’t pull them across yesterday, as they had to be left to hang to allow the pleats to fix. Or something like that. So this morning, when I was being blinded by the sunshine over my breakfast and then afterwards on my chair, we pulled them for the first time. I noticed first how much light they cut out, and second that they also cut out a lot of noise. We will really notice that next winter, along with them being a lot more snug I hope.

A day at home, on which I made a bit of progress on a piece of writing that has to be done before the end of the month for a conference. I’ve got about two more full days, equivalent, to work on it. I hope I manage about 5000 words. That should keep people happy. I have 1500 now. Various other bits and pieces intruded at times. It wasn’t like my blissful writing retreat over Easter :-(

There was a fair bit of noise coming across from the building site over the way. Mr A posted a blip of the tree vandalism. I have put my version in the extras, as I want a record of this. You would have thought that the first thing they would do would be to remove that enormous pile of hardcore. But, no, it’s even more urgent to remove some trees….

I managed some peloton, and also went out for a rapid walk to pick up a few bits for Mr A at the supermarket. He prepared a mutton mince pie which was Moroccan in its inspiration. With fruit and spices, it was like old fashioned mincemeat. It was absolutely delicious and very filling. I do like a good pie. This time I didn’t take a photograph, but it looked wonderful and tasted as good as it looked. The best thing is we even managed not to stuff ourselves on the whole thing, so there’s a second helping available for later in the week (I’m dining for the School again tomorrow…).

Big news at 00.01. I knew the basic outlines, of course, but there may still be some surprises because we don’t know the exact formulas being used. Fingers crossed…. I shall not be staying up, any more than I did last time.

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