By ArcLight

Time for a change

I spotted this on the ground as I walked to work this morning. Seems like an interesting aspiration; challenging, even. To my surprise, anarcha-feminism has a lengthy wikipedia entry. I actually photographed it for Mr A, as I thought it might be interesting for the essay he is writing, but then thought it would make a good blip too.

Very, very long day. I woke up early and checked my phone and found a satisfactory outcome, but then we weren't really able to make use of the ranking we wanted to because it hasn't been published. This is very odd. Anyway, what really pleased me was how well we have done across the board. All about lots of other people's efforts, not mine. That's the peculiar thing about taking up a new role. The stories are often halfway complete already.

I was still going 18 hours later, after a shortlisting meeting, chairing some interviews for another School, a couple of meetings, a lecture where I delivered a vote of thanks, a reception, a dinner for the colleague, and then finally a nightcap with a colleague catching up on 2 years of stuff we've missed. It felt like normal life, but it was exhausting. And I probably caught covid about 10 times over.... Home in a taxi.

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