The Art of Menswear

I doubt that this outfit would make it into the exhibition at the V&A called "Fashioning Masculinities".  However, we didn't visit the exhibition to find out.  Our visit to the V&A was to sit near the shallow pond in the lovely John Madejski garden with a coffee (in the morning) and a tea (in the afternoon) from the garden cafe. In between the two visits, we went to the Natural History Museum across the road to see the "Wildlife Photographer of the Year" exhibition.

The photographs in this exhibition are stunning - as always. Whether you are a photographer or not, whether you are a wildlife lover or not, these photographs are absolutely captivating and outstanding.  It is interesting how the exhibition has changed over the years. As I recall it, it used to be full of examples of amazing photographs of wildlife of all sorts, supreme examples of this genre of photography.  Gradually more artistic interpretations (eg slow shutter speeds to blur movement) became a feature.  In this year's exhibition there was a stronger than ever emphasis on the damaging changes to wildlife caused by climate change and human activities. The journalistic section, with images of cruelly treated captive animals, some made to perform for human entertainment, were enough to bring tears to the eyes.

A thoroughly recommended exhibition.

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