Sant Idloes

Sant Idloes (Saint Idloes)  is a wonderful and classical 13th Century church in the village of Llanidloes.

Had it all to myself today, and it was sumptuously quiet, cool and peaceful. 

I loved the sheen on the ancient stones and old iron gratings. There are some superlative stained glass windows and on the outside are many ancient memorial stones set into the old walls. 

A place for thought, prayer and quiet contemplation.

My wife has had some bad news regarding her sister, and is very upset. Unsurprisingly, after losing her older sister a few years ago, she fears the worst. So my job now is to reassure her that it needn't be the same. In fact, there is nothing yet to suggest that it would be.

Positive thinking should win out, and hope, and prayer all help.

Whilst photographing the magnificent rhododendron I saw a bird fly out of a hole in the wall of the church. It came back with a mouthful of food, to be greeted by a cacophony of chirrupping youngsters. 

It was a nuthatch. Raising a family in amongst these ancient  stones.

New life, new hope. 

A blessing, I am sure!! 

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