By Ingleman

Woodland Bop

Mrs I, Hollie dog, and me, have had a cheeky weekend away. Relaxing, walking, watching football (congratulations Leicester City!) and generally lazing around. Our favoured place is a little market town called Llanidloes, Mid Wales. Blipped before about this, but it bears further mention. Lovely riverside trails, the adolescent River Severn gets tumescent after heavy rain, and the banks are copiously dressed with Wild Garlic, Wood Anenome, Bluebells and other pretty things whose names I either don't know, can't remember or can't pronounce.
When we arrived on Thursday I called out.... 'Hello view!'
My wife, smiled knowingly and said... 'Aww, that' s nice, I love you too'
The picture is one of many taken on a delectable ramble through parkland, mixed woodland and wild flowers. The weather was overcast but dry and light was suited to moody pictures of fresh new growth contrasting with dead trees, mosses and lichens and ferns which are unfurling everywhere.
I found out something today which I had suspected for sometime.... 
You can't grow flowers if you haven't botany....

It's the start of a brand new week of exciting opportunities so have a good one and stay safe.... And thanks for sticking with me, you all deserve a medal. 

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