By Mrsmacdub

Grey and damp

Thank you to all the lovely Blippers who so kindly commented on my 500th Blip post. Your comments, favourites and stars are very much appreciated.  Blip land is such a special, interesting and happy place to hang out. Thank you.

Today has been grey and damp, with occasional bursts of sunshine.  Surprisingly, the temperature has been around 20/21 deg. We went walking this morning and I went to Pilates this afternoon.

My sister went in to visit Mum only to find she was being discharged, so was able to drive her home.  The consultant at the hospital has changed her meds, so my sister had to drop a prescription in to the pharmacy then collect up all the old meds and return them to the pharmacy so there’s no possibility of Mum getting them mixed up and taking the wrong ones.  Hopefully, the new meds will do what they’re meant to do.

I took a couple of photos of the harbour as I waited for the bus.  It was low tide, so a little bit interesting.  I also took a photo of a beautiful yellow Hibiscus flower in the garden, just to brighten up a grey day.

There are 9,843 new community cases today, and the seven-day rolling average is 7,795, compared to 7,927 last Tuesday. The number of people in hospital is 421, including 10 in ICU. Another 8 deaths have been reported, bringing the total number of deaths to 986 and the seven-day rolling average to 16.

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