My Restless Lens

By terri365

17 May 2022 - Pay Day!

At last, my client settled my invoice after a firm but straight to the point email from me.  I am a member of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) and they gave me some good tips for the content of my email and ideas on how to avoid future non-payers - like mentioning interest will be added after a certain period of time of non-payment!

Lengthy chat with the vet this evening also to catch up on where we are.  I have to hand a urine sample in this week to check nothing untoward going on before we get him started on Propalin - a medication that may help his incontinence and get him out of nappies...  It will be 50/50 whether or not it works as it is for female dogs.

It's been all go today!

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