Getting Arty

Another lovely day weather wise which was good .After work a trip to visit Mum after I was changed.
A nice catch up with her and she told me the good news that her check up at the hospital yesterday went very well . she was there to have her yearly check up on her pacemaker . They told her that in the last year since her check up last year it his beeped twice but only 2 minor ones which they said is very good as they would expect it to kick in more times.
When I left   a quick walk to find a blip. I didn't find anything to exciting but as I went to go back to my car I spotted this graffiti so grabbed a shot and then played around with it by inverting the colours happy with the effect.
Finally many thanks to Linxpix for correcting my ID on yesterdays blip as a  Leatherbug and thanks everyone for the hearts putting me on page 7 of the popular pages 

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