By Teasel

York Minster

First job was to pack my bag for a  few days away, the second job was to make sure BB got out of his bed and packed his bag.  The second job was much harder than the first.   TT then gave us a lift into Edinburgh, and we caught a train to York, as we are spending a few days with TT’s mum.  I promised her that we would visit after BB’s exams were done.  Unfortunately TT can’t join us as he is too busy at work.  The train was packed – lots of people heading home after spending the weekend in Edinburgh I expect.  The journey was very efficient – only five minutes late, and before we knew it we were in York.  It was a brighter day in York and probably slightly warmer.  We were able to walk to Grandma’s new abode.  She was delighted to see us and had a late lunch ready for us. 
There was lots of chat and catching up, but later in the afternoon BB and I headed out to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.  Grandma had already prepared tea, and insisted that she didn’t need any help – just some time to concentrate on getting it all ready at the same time.  BB and I went on our usual wander along the river to the Millennium Bridge, through Rowntree park and back via Bishy Road and the riverside walk.  By the time we got back the sun had gone and the greyness had reappeared.
BB was delighted with tea – one of his favourites, a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings including Grandma’s Yorkshire puddings.  It was delicious.  She says she is out of practice, but she certainly hasn’t lost it.  Later I popped out to get the rest of my steps, and then we watched some TV.
The distinctive view of York Minster as we walked to town from the station.  The goslings in the extra were part of a bigger goose family in Rowntree Park.

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