By Veronica

Work in progress

With egg whites left over from the tarte à la moutarde, I succumbed to the urge I had to make financiers after tasting the delicious ones at the restaurant in Sort. I went back to the recipe I've used before, making them in mini muffin tins -- the perfect size to go with a cup of coffee. The first batch were a little underbaked, but the second lot were very good, crisp edges and squidgy middle. But they really are the type of thing you have to eat within half an hour of taking them out of the oven, especially on a day as humid as today. The remaining ones have gone soft now, but I'm wondering if a quick whizz in the oven would revive them.

S made pizzas for lunch, using the sourdough pizza dough that's been in the fridge for the requisite 48 hours. They were nice and crispy -- one with tomato, ham, mushroom and feta, but no mozzarella as he forgot about it,
and the other was pears, cream, and blue cheese. There's some left for later.

And then I went out for the Thursday afternoon walk. Relatively short this time; we were back by four. It was an overcast and not very photogenic day (ten degrees cooler than yesterday thankfully). We saw masses of pyramid orchids in an unmowed grass verge, but since I blipped some yesterday ... an emergency blip it is!

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